Title                 : CLOUDLESS

Author             : rizuka^^

Main Cast        : Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Jongwoon(as known as Yesung)

Length             : Oneshot

Genre              : Friendship

Rating              : G

Tag                  : Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Jongwoon—Yesung

Warning          : umm, this pairing is not official—right?  But I like seeing them together

Ps                     : for kyumin shipper, wonkyu shipper, or even changkyu shipper, please don’t be mad at me

Disclaim          : purely mine. don’t plagiarize please


Kau langit dan aku awannya, Hyung


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Don’t Say Goodbye

Don’t Say Goodbye !

Author : Purple Fishy

Genre : Angst, Romance, friendship.

Tipe : Oneshoot

Rating : 13

Cast  : Song Ha Mi (oc), Lee Donghae, Lee Hyuk Jae.

Support cast: Kim Ryeowook, Lee Sungmin, Kim Soo Jin (OC).

Cover credit : The original photo doesn’t belong to me, but I edited it as needed

Disclaimer : I only own the plot, the characters are all belong to themselves, do not take it out without permission.

Warning : This story is 100% my imagination, if you like this story please coment but not bashing or plagiat. Thank you^^

Annyeong reader!! Hai chingu, author buat cerita ini terinspirasi sama lagu Davichi yang Don’t say goodbye, sebenernya sih ini langsung dibuat begitu saja. Author harap kalian menyukainya, mian kalau agak kacau, oh iya jangan nyampe kalian nangis ya!hahaha pede authot tingkah dewa. Mari kita baca… selamat menikmati ya Chingu! ^^

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Cross love part 4


Author : Kyu Bee

Main Cast :      Cho Kyuhyun

Song Hyerin

Lee Donghae

Park Hyemi

Support Cast :    Jonghyun (club matemathic leader)

Hyesung (Hyemi’s sister)

Minho (kid on mathematic club)

Harin (Hyerin’s sister)

Hyoyeon (Hyerin’s basket mate)

Hyemi’s Mom and Dad

Rating : All Age (anak TK gak mungkin baca ini kan???)

Genre : Romance, Friendship

No Warning!


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Title            :    STORM

Author        :    kimjinma3424

Cast            :    Choi Min Young (OC), Kim Ryeowook (SuJu), Hwang Tiffany (SNSD).

Rating         :    PG-13

Genre         :    Romance

Length        :    Oneshoot

Disclaim     :    Plot cerita dari 100% sari otak terbaik #plakk# dan cast adalah milik Tuhan.  FF ini pernah di posting di kimjinma3424.wordpress.com dan crazyfangirlff.wordpress.com.  Don’t forget your R-C-L !! Gomapta and happy reading!!! J

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