Pra-Married Syndrome 1





Tittle:: [SungRi Couple] PMS = Pra Married Syndrom 1 of 2

Author:: IdeaFina a.k.a Jung Yuuri (@ideafina)


  • Yesung Super Junior
  • Jung Yuuri (author)

Support cast::

  • Jung Yunho DBSK
  • Shim Changmin DBSK
  • Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior
  • Kim Ryeowook Super Junior
  • Leeteuk Super Junior
  • Kim Heera (OCs)
  • Lee Reina (OCs)

Genre:: Romance (abal-abal), comedy (maybe?)

Rate:: G

Disclaimer:: This story, Yesung, and Yunho is MINE! >///< Read Yes, Like Yes, Comment Yes. No plagiat!\

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Long Night

Author                  : Shantyfyn

Cast                       : Kim Je Young (OC)

Kim Hyung Jun

Minor                    : Find by yourself!

Genre                   : Romance garing kayaknya J

Lenght                  : Oneshoot

Rate                       : General

Recommended Song :    Jyongri – Lullaby for You (English Ver.)

Kim Hyung Jun – Long Night

Taylor Swift – The Way I Loved You

NB                          : Plot and story are mine. The casts aren’t mine. Sudah pernah dipost di blog and facebook pribadi.



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