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I’m back with old story….. *booooooo*

but,, I hope you enjoy it…….

Title                  : Never Say Good Bye, Jungmi.

Author              : Honey.

Character         : Kim Jungmi (I change Park into Kim, Jungmi is Jaejoong sister here), Super Junior, DBSK, SHINee, SNSD, f(x), and other.

Pairings            : HyunNey, MinNey, and other.

Genre               : romantic/drama.

Part                  : 1/5

Summary          : Kim Jungmi is a student in Dong Bang High School. Jungmi always surrounded by her brother friends. Her brother Jaejoong is a member of DBSK, the most fears gang. Beside DBSK there is also SuJu. DBSK and SuJu always have fight. But since they saw Jungmi, they become ruder. And DBSK work so hard to protect Jungmi. What is SuJu wants from Jungmi? How is Jungmi’s reaction? Jaejoong hid something about Jungmi. What is that? Continue reading